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Best Adventurous Trails in And Around Rockwood

Rockwood Ontario is a small community town of Guelph Metropolitan area, spread over a small area of With a vast Eramosa River running all along and a lush green expanse with farms and woods in plenty, it is certainly the best spot for biking and hiking. If you are an adventure enthusiast, looking for natural trails in Rockwood, here are a few recommendations for enjoying a great time.

Pothole Trail and Cedar Ridge Trail- Rockwood Conservation Park

Covering a length of 1.8 miles or 2.9 kilometers, Rockwood Conservation Park has two major natural trails running around the river Eramosa. The Park has 200 potholes of varying diameters, covering the geological expanse and the limestone-rich caves, which trace the route map for the Pothole trail.

Pothole Trail and Cedar Ridge Trail- Rockwood Conservation Park

You can find several scenic spots all along the path for splendid photos and picnics, broad wooden bridges crossing the river, lakeside trails and water activities, or the glacier bluffs and potholes of the older Wisconsin glacier.

The Cedar Ridge Trail is rather short through woods and green areas, whereas the other one’s a bit lengthy. You can opt for biking, hiking, or even walking to enjoy your time. The paths aren’t steep and inclined, thus offer a flat land for moderate adventure.

Tip: Don’t miss the riverside fishing or boat rides for a relaxing break. Make sure to take helmets, flashlights for caves and wear fully covering clothes to avoid skin allergies.

Eramosa River Paddle

Out of the Rockwood Conservative Park, the River Paddle trail offers an open path 10.5 miles (17kms) long from Rockwood to Guelph. Being this long, the trail isn’t completely covered on foot or bikes but can be traced on patches along with a vehicle at hand.

There are several feasible parking areas, fishing spots along the riverbanks, great restaurants and cottages for luncheon, and even a waterfall and some bridges somewhere in the middle. Though it is long, it is a point-to-point path without any confusion and wandering off.

Tip: You can also carry foldable kayaks or hire motorboats for enjoying water games and boat rides.

Laura Bailey Memorial Trail- Guelph

If you have the facilities to travel to Guelph for a trip, the 1.5km short trail of Laura Bailey Memorial is the best adventure to sneak into your checklist. The path is extremely sophisticated, with a paved trail, wetland scenic locations, and photogenic spots to enjoy.

You can walk, hike or even travel by bike to enjoy the natural trip. The trail begins at Grange Road Park, where another short Watson Creek Trail also opens up and scales all the way to Starwood Drive.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you can still try Guelph Lake Trail running through the forests. This path has many sideways, dog walking paths, scales up to 2.8kms, and is maintained by Guelph’s Off-road Bicycling Association.

Stonefields Side Trail- Rockwood

Stonefields Side Trail- Rockwood

A 5.5km long path within the woods, Stonesfield Side Trail, is somewhere around the Rockwood Conservative Park to enjoy a leisure hike. People generally prefer hiking on foot, biking to and fro the path, or walking their dogs on leash to enjoy the natural greenery.

You can find a river in between offering scenic resting spots for picnics and luncheon along with several water games and boating rides to enjoy.

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