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Best Places to Visit in Rockwood for A Day’s Trip

Who wouldn’t like a peaceful vacation nestled in a natural expanse? If you are the one seeking a fresh adventure this holiday, Rockwood, Ontario, should be your destination! Before you book the flight or set your caravan, check out below the famous tourist spots in and around Rockwood to plan and enjoy your trip to the greatest!

Rockwood Conservation Area

Spread on both sides of the Eramosa River in Guelph, Rockwood’s conservation area or park is one of the largest and best tourist attractions. The Park is one of the eleven natural areas maintained by the Grand River Conservation Authority, Ontario.

You can find an immense expanse of greenery, a series of 12 natural caves with flowstone deposits, many geological remains, glacier bluffs in plethora, along with the remains of the oldest Rockwood’s Woolen Mill. You can also spot many game animals like deer, coyotes, fishes of varied species, turkeys, and raccoons. Due to the demand of tourists over years, the park has now developed amicable camping areas and fishing spots around the Eramosa River which are also worth enjoying.

Activities to enjoy: Visit the park and Rockwood Nature Center for sightseeing, camping, fishing, hiking.

Martin’s Sweet Farm

Exactly located in Campbellville, a little away from Rockwood (20km or 13 miles away), this farm is a sure-shot destination to the shop and enjoy around the natural farmland. The market and farm are run by a single family, and certainly, its warm countryside set will hold you back for an hour or two. The market is prominent for authentic Ontario’s honey, maple syrup, and snackable sweet goodies produced naturally.

Activities to enjoy: Marketing, family time in the farm visit.

Halton County Railway Museum

Trains are no longer the same coal and steam engines as they were in the way back in the 1900s. Halton County Museum in Campbellville is a non-profit organization housing and preserving the various train models for decades. The authorities depend on volunteer workers and donations of cash by the visitors to maintain the museum and conduct events.

The area also has three party halls, open to rent for private parties. Along with daily museum tours and celebration arrangements on-demand, you can also find several events conducted for the public shows. Make sure to check their official website for upcoming events and exact directions before you set out.

Activities to enjoy: Museum tour, gift shopping, birthday party celebrations, live events.

Erin Valley Elk

As the name suggests, Erin’s valley is a home for elks and red deer, nurtured in the secured farm grounds. The farmers’ community is open for public tours, guided elk feeding, and gift center shopping with minimally priced tickets. The expanse is a natural farm fit for family outings and picnics. You can find several restaurants, biking trails, and shops to enjoy the entire day!

Activities to enjoy: Farm tour, learning about horticulture, shopping.

Erin Valley Elk

Churches and markets in Rockwood

Along with tourist spots and adventure trails, Rockwood is also rich in bustling markets and splendid churches around the town. Splendid architectures like St. John’s Anglican Church, Sacred Heart Church, The Presbyterian Church, and famous trade spots like Rockwood’s Farmer Market, antiquity shops, local gift centers are certainly the best to collect authentic souvenirs along with cheerful memories.

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